Girl Interrupted

Women are just wired to do and to Go and Go and Go. Well, I am anyway. Maybe I learned it from my mom. She stays busy. Even in her downtime there is no downtime.

I find myself like that. I took a day off from my job today to continue to pursue my purpose. A mental cleansing and regroup , if you will. Then I found myself doing OTHER stuff! The kitchen needed cleaning. There was clothes to be washed. We were out of groceries. Just Stuff! So I started chipping away at those tasks. That’s the adult thing to do right? Before I could finish one thing,  I was thinking about another. Never really getting anything done, but I kept doing stuff.

Let me explain. I start picking up clothes from the bedroom and stumble upon a toy. Oh geeze let me put that in the toy box. On my way to the toy box I see Tylenol on the counter. Oh geeze let me but that up. On my way to put that up I see the salt was left out and needs to be put back in the cupboard. Yeah sounds like a mess. And it is!  A HOT MESS. A constant motion of “un-productiveness”. Please don’t say I’m the only one that does this..

angelina jolie in girl interrupted

After an hour, I look around and see that nothing is fully completed. Clothes are not in the washer. All the toys are not put up, and I’m tired with nothing to show for it. Even more disappointing, the day is slipping away from me and I’m not doing the thing that I took this day off to do. Focus on me!

My solution was to just STOP. I took a shower, regrouped and meditated. I cleared my mind and then thought about what it was that I wanted to accomplish. I needed a to-do list. I needed to focus on one thing at a time. I’ve always thought of my ability to multi-task as one of my better qualities when in actuality, it isn’t always such. It can be my downfall and a little chaotic at times.

I want to learn to Be still. Be mindful. Be present. Not always looking at what’s to come or what to do next. Y’all pray for me.

ME DATE: Do the thing that makes you happy. If cleaning makes you happy then clean. If watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm” makes you happy then curl up in your comfy blanket and have a full on laugh session with your pal Larry. Just Do it!

ME ADVICE: Don’t feel guilty that the house is not in order. Everything will NOT be done and it’s ok. It doesn’t make you lazy. And yet, if you choose your day off to be lazy (relax) then do it with no regrets! I love you and you are still awesome.

A couple of things I’m trying:

1. Learning to meditate.  Currently using the app Insight.

2. Listening to Spa and Mediation playlists on Spotify.

3. Praying more and reading Devotionals. Currently into Girlfriends in God.

4. Going outside and just taking a deep breath.

5. Beginning my day with a To Do List. Sticking with the Top 3 things I want to get done today. Three is all I can handle right now without feeling overwhelmed when I don’t finish them.

What are some things you struggle with and what are you doing to work through it?


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