Me Over Mommy: NICU Giveaway Update

On March 14th , we launched our first Me Over Mommy giveaway at the Northside Hospital NICU in Atlanta, Ga. It was great! Although we weren’t allowed inside due to precautionary measures for the Coronavirus, the giftboxes were recieved with a big smile and open arms by the head nurse.

On this day, the sun was shining and my heart was bursting with joy. Giving brings a sense of fulfillment unlike anything else. My hope is that it provided comfort to at least one and that my next giveaway will reach many more.

The heart-shaped boxes were filled with a few small gifts to help pamper the mothers. Gifts included cheerful socks, yummy snacks , a colorful journal, and a handwritten letter among other things.

Enjoy a few pictures from that day.

As mentioned in the previous post Me Over Mommy Project, I chose the NICU as my first location due to a personal connection. My daughter was born premature in June 2018, and the experience and memories are still very fresh. The NICU is not only a place that cares for babies but also births strong mothers.

Here are a few pictures from my daughter’s stay in the NICU along with updated pictures from a few months after. (Forgive the poor picture quality.)

During this Pandemic, some NICU nurseries are currently either only allowing one parent to visit at a time, or temporarily preventing any visitors at all. This, of course, is to focus on the health of those beautiful miracles. I can only imagine what those parents and families must be feeling. Please keep your thoughts and prayers focused on strength and comfort at this time.


Rida J


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