Spreading Love Not Germs

This pandemic known as the Coronavirus or Covid-19, seems so surreal. It’s something I never would’ve imagined could happen in my lifetime. Call me naiive, ignorant, or uninformed. I call it optimism. I rather focus on the good things the future holds which has well-equipped me during this crisis. This is not to say that I am not practicing Social distancing. I am locked in my home for 23 hours of the day, only stepping  out to take a solo walk and to let my kids play in the fresh air.

It’s just, I see there are so many people engulfed in fear, anxiety, and worry.  I only hope this pandemic has a short stay and those negative feelings quickly subside, transforming into hope, humbleness, and gratitude.

If you are one who is experiencing feelings of doubt or fear, here are a couple of stories to show that good is still permeating through this solemn time. I hope this lifts your spirits.

Healthcare Workers are Superheroes

Although most people are quarantined at this time with some having the option to work from home, there are those that are deemed essential employees who still must enter the workplace. Some of the most admirable at this time are the healthcare workers. In acknowledgement, Starbucks and Krispy Kreme offered free coffee and donuts to healthcare employees while Crocs and Allbirds have donated shoes by the thousands.

Handwashing for the Homeless

Atlanta is a city that has a large homeless population with over 3,200 (2019) homeless people. Terrence Lester, an Atlanta Native, created portable hand washing stations to help this community during this time. Lester is also a the co-founder of Love Beyond Walls, a nonprofit that advocates for those experiencing homelessness. 

 “As the world was talking about sanitizing and washing your hands, I knew there was an entire community of people experiencing homelessness who couldn’t do any of those things,” Lester told “Good Morning America.”

For more on this story click here.

Free Meals for Children in Need

Photo by Yu Hosoi on Unsplash

In Myrtle Beach, Café Gelato is offering free meals to school aged children, understanding that the school meals were some children’s only meal of the day. Nové Italian Restaurant in Albany, NY, White Duck Taco Shop in Asheville, NC, and participating Burger Kings and McDonald’s are also providing meal assistance.

Here are a few fast-food chains that are also participating. Do a quick Google search, for more locations specific to your area.

Open Doors for the High-Risk

Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

During this time, those high-risk persons (which include elderly, those with asthma, previous illness, or weakened immune systems) may feel scared to go out and don’t have anyone to purchase their essentials such as food, toiletries, or medication. Some grocery and convenience stores are opening early , designating certain shopping times to these high-risk individuals only. For a list of stores with special designated hours click Here.

Seeing and hearing of all the good that is still weaving it’s way through this crisis has assured me that together, we will get through this. Sending love and lots of air hugs.


Rida J

What good have you heard of or done during this Pandemic?


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