5 Comforting Quotes Just for You

Hoping to bring comfort during times of discomfort.

Hello all,

Today I write to you realizing that most of us may have recently had a hard day or a difficult moment. Maybe your day or moment was today. I’ll admit there are days when I decide to turn on the news or have a quiet moment and my mind begins to wander, resting on a thought that saddens me.

My chest becomes tight and that sad thought begins to fill my throat, so much so, that I feel like I can’t breathe. And in that moment I have to remind myself ….Just breathe. Relax your shoulders, unfold your arms, close your eyes and just breathe.

It’s OK to have those feelings. Allow your self to gather those feelings and then release them. Cry it out. Write it out. Talk it out. Exhale.

I know it can be hard right now not knowing the answers to “how long?” or “how many more?”. But when this is all said and done, I believe with my whole heart that clinging to hope (along with washing our hands and social distancing) will provide the strength to push us through this.

Here are a few quotes that I hope will bring you comfort during those uncomfortable moments.


We will get through this together.

What are you doing to help you get through?


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