Life Through a Child’s Eye: Living Life on Purpose

Today I was staring out the window, daydreaming. My husband and I had just walked out of Marble Slab, swinging the glass door wide open. We had two huge ice cream cones in tote while holding hands, fingers intertwined.

This day the sun was beaming so bright without a cloud in sight. I lifted my face up to the sky to feel the sun’s warmth kiss my cheeks, while the wind blew through my hair.

Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash

This put a smile on my face. Thinking of the future really does calm the soul during these times.

When the dream slowly faded, I saw the artwork my kids made, posted on the window. They designed a rainbow and some hearts to brighten someone’s day as they walk by.

My children don’t quite understand why we we made such pieces but they were excited nonetheless.

My children’s artwork

Remember the World is a Masterpiece

My children, ages 2 and 1, view each day as a new adventure. As I strap on their shoes and zip up their coats in the morning to go outside, their smiles could not grow any bigger.

As we push them in their famous red wagon through the neighborhood, they marvel at the wind. They scream in awe, as if it’s some magical force that rustles up the dirt from the ground, carrying it 10 feet across the sidewalk.

Photo by Natasha Babenko from Pexels

Majestically making the tallest trees sway from side to side, it blows past their bright faces, leaving their eyes squinted.

Imagine with this newfound gift of time, we take a moment to hear nature’s symphony of birds singing and trees rustling. Or we take a second to watch nature’s artist paint the sky with beautiful sunrises and sunsets day in and day out. They’re endless and each one of a kind. What a gift.

Forgive Quickly

I’ve also noticed that children are quick to forgive. As parents or adults, it’s so easy to become frustrated and act out of turn. I have been guilty of allowing my frustrations to affect my tone when I respond to my kids.

Although I correct myself after the fact, I can not take it back. But, no matter the guilt I feel, my children quickly hug me and give me affection as if nothing happened. Or more so, as if they understand me and love me in spite of my imperfections.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

As adults we have a harder time of recovering from the hurt someone has caused us. Looking at my children’s response I see that forgiving gives them the freedom to continue on with how they want to carry out the rest of their day — just being happy.

Think about how letting go of some things from your past will not only free your mind of negative thoughts but your heart from negative feelings that become so heavy over time. This means more mental capacity for positive thoughts or focus on goals and dreams, and ultimately more room for joy.

The Possibilities are Endless

As a child I can remember being asked multiple times , “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The possibilities were endless. I would take my time and my answer was ever evolving. Often times a teacher, but sometimes a nurse like my mom or a scientist.

Over time my infinite list of occupations grew shorter.

Why is that? Do we forget how to dream as we age? Does the imagination center of our brain, shrink?

Photo by burak kostak from Pexels

I have found through talking with friends and even self-reflection, we all have passions and dreams of the life that we want to live. The true issue…is not taking ourselves seriously.

As the dreams enter our head I picture most of us shooing them away with as if some pesky fly. Using negative self-talk to bring us “back to reality”.

But I bet, that for almost every dream someone has there is someone else who has made it come true. Living proof that your dream is valid. This should be enough to keep you going!

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

And if not, you could be the first person to live out your dream.

I challenge you to nurture these thoughts. Grow them to the reality that you long for. Whoever or whatever pushed your dreams so far down, forgive them, dust the imagination off, and regain the thrill back in your life.

Let’s all take a page from our kids/nephews/nieces/cousins and try focusing on regaining the fullness of our lives, living life on purpose.

Although now may be challenging for most, but you can take this gift of time to work on you and be ready to thrive when the world opens back up.


Rida J

What are some of the passions or dreams that you left behind over the years?

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  1. There is so much we can learn from the way children live their lives. I really miss being amazed by every little thing- I feel like as adults we’re so much more jaded about everything.

    I wanted to be a vet as a child but I gave that dream up when I realised I was awful at all the sciences except physics 😂

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