Open Letter to My Loves on Mother’s Day

Dear Emory and Carter,

Motherhood came suddenly and expectantly with both of you. I was overcome with emotions from the day I found out about you until this very present day. I still love standing over you as you sleep. The sense of calm that blankets you during the night gives me peace and comfort.

I still place my hand on your back to make sure you are breathing, even though you are almost 2 and 3 years old. When I have the hardest of days, seeing your smiles, your sweet kisses on my face, and your tiny arms wrapped around my legs when you hug me, makes me feel at ease.

 To watch in awe at all the new things you learn, from words to moments of compassion for one another, it warms my heart. Your laughter can chase away all the fears or doubts I have in this world.

I do have my moments of frustration, being overwhelmed, whether confused with what to do or situations not having anything to do with you at all. Just know that I am trying, and these short moments hold no measure to how much I truly love you. You guys teach me so much about life and about myself. I only hope I can do the same for you one day.

 I have already planned out what type of mom I will be to you both. Bake sales, and pep talks, banners at the bus stop, family vacations and dinners around the dining table. Your dad says I’m going to be embarrassing. I apologize in advance.

I steal a hundred kisses from each of you a day, because I don’t know how long before you tell me to stop. If I could make some of these moments last forever, I would. It’s crazy how not even pictures or videos do justice to the memories I replay in my head. So let me make this letter short and sweet so that I can get back to making more memories with you.

Love you both with all my heart and then some,

Mommy aka Mom (2020)


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