About Me

A girl raised in a small town in South Carolina with a quiet voice and big dreams. After pursing my MBA and having my two children I realized my life looked great from the outside but I was not fulfilled. I wanted more for me. 2020 is the year I decided to quit dreaming and start doing. Known as the encourager, advice-giver, and full-on optimist, I realized it was time to listen to my own advice. So here it is — Me Over Mommy.

Me Over Mommy is for those who want to make their dream life their reality. This blog is for those tired of wanting more out of life and ready to pursue a happier mindset. This blog is for those who sometimes get stuck in their head and negative thoughts, but so desperately want out. I strongly believe that your life can drastically change just by the way you view the situations you encounter. I will share experiences and conversations that are close to me, where I offer alternative ways of thinking to encourage a more positive outlook.

I will show you how to turn lemons into fresh squeezed lemonade. Me Over Mommy is to inspire and uplift. Leave me a comment for suggestions on what you would like to read more about or questions about things you may have encountered. I will answer every one. So excited you stopped by and please come again.


Rida J

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