Grow Your Happiness: Tips for a Healthier Mindset

Have you ever had negative thoughts about yourself or maybe those around you? Now more than ever those thoughts may become more prevalent. These thoughts may seem harmless or maybe they come so naturally to you that you don’t even notice them anymore. Thoughts like, “I look a hot mess”, “My stomach is so fat”,... Continue Reading →

The Battle of the Lonely

I write today for a friend. She felt lonely before the quarantine but it’s really hitting her hard now. When I refer to the word lonely it’s not to say that she doesn’t have friends, or she doesn’t have family. In fact, before the social distancing you could always find her surrounded by people. Friends...... Continue Reading →

5 Binge-worthy Shows

Cleaned out your closet. Dusted your mantle. Ate all your food. Now what? Park your booty on the couch and enjoy some one-on-one time with your TV/Tablet. BTW, most streaming sites offer anywhere from 14 to 30 day free trials so dig in! Here are a few recommendations. Tiger King Netflix, TV-MA Tiger King If... Continue Reading →

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