Me Over Mommy: NICU Giveaway Update

On March 14th , we launched our first Me Over Mommy giveaway at the Northside Hospital NICU in Atlanta, Ga. It was great! Although we weren't allowed inside due to precautionary measures for the Coronavirus, the giftboxes were recieved with a big smile and open arms by the head nurse. On this day, the sun... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Our thoughts are one of the most powerful parts of our being. In fact, they control what we eat, how we dress, who we choose to love—our entire outlook on life. Thoughts can be positive, negative, or neutral.  Sometimes your thoughts are just stating facts. No matter how successful, attractive, smart or wealthy we think... Continue Reading →

Me Over Mommy

Calling all NICU Warriors, I write today over the moon excited! In just a few days I'll be launching my first ME OVER MOMMY giveaway at a NICU in a local hospital. ME OVER MOMMY was designed to provide encouragement to those who may be suffering through a difficult period. It consists of heart shaped... Continue Reading →

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