Grow Your Happiness: Tips for a Healthier Mindset

Have you ever had negative thoughts about yourself or maybe those around you? Now more than ever those thoughts may become more prevalent. These thoughts may seem harmless or maybe they come so naturally to you that you don’t even notice them anymore. Thoughts like, “I look a hot mess”, “My stomach is so fat”,... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Our thoughts are one of the most powerful parts of our being. In fact, they control what we eat, how we dress, who we choose to love—our entire outlook on life. Thoughts can be positive, negative, or neutral.  Sometimes your thoughts are just stating facts. No matter how successful, attractive, smart or wealthy we think... Continue Reading →

Self-care isn’t Selfish

Math Problem: If you give 100% of yourself to everyone, how much does that leave you for yourself? It didn’t click to me until someone made a statement similar to this. I was the person giving 100% to everyone because I wanted to. Even before I became a Mom, I wanted to be that person... Continue Reading →

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