Little Bo Peep Has Lost her Sleep

Let me first start by saying I love my kids but I miss my sleep. It is 2 AM on Friday morning and I finally got my son back to sleep. I have to get up at 5AM. My contacts are stuck to my eyeballs bc I fell asleep next to him, so I am writing this blog in vain. I just placed some eye drops in my eyes to loosen these contacts but it’s going to take a moment. I’m so sleepy but here we go!

Queue the songs of nostalgia. I was a co-sleeper or am a co-sleeper. I’m not quite sure what stage I am in, but the sleep part of the word is almost non-existent. I used to sleep next to my son whenever my husband was out of town, which was frequent and days at a time. Sleeping next to my son was therapeutic I’d like to say. It made me feel comfortable, safe, and loved and probably more beneficial to me than for him.

baby sleeping on mother's back

Photo by Barbara Alçada

 Fast forward a year later, I’m pregnant with my second child who is constantly kicking me in my ribs, my belly is this odd shaped protrusion on my body and I’m having to pee every 30 minutes. Imagine trying to sleep with this situation with your son tossing and turning in the bed next to you! Still no sleep.

Then BOOM I have my second child and find out she has colic. Yep that tortuous thing where she’s screaming bloody murder, and no one can console her. I pray for all who have to endure this. God bless you. Anyway, I was NOT about to let her sleep with me so crib training here we go. She slept in her crib through the night like she was a pea in a pod.  Relief! Or so I thought.

Baby crying
Photo by Katie Smith 

Fast forward to my current situation– my daughter is an amazing sleeper and my son still creeps in my bed at 12 AM to hold my hand and toss and turn. I still lay with him because I love to cuddle but my sleep is the victim in all this. One of the few moments of motherhood I was not warned about. Kids are amazing but may tear your love affair with your sleep in a complete disarray. It’s cuddles versus sleep.

 I love my kids, but I miss my sleep. Contacts are loose now. Thanks for listening!

ME ADVICE : I choose to sacrifice my sleep to be next to my children because I value this precious time. I don’t know how long my son will let me hold his hand or how long my daughter will let me give her sweet kisses. I’ve been warned by too many “expert” mothers that the amount of time children want to spend with you as they get older, becomes few and far between. Seize those moments. Whether you choose to co-sleep or not does not mean you are right or wrong. Whatever you choose, do it with the best intentions and do it with love.

ME DATE :  Go to bed earlier than you intended tonight. If you get a head start you may get a decent nap!

Co-sleeping or Cry it out? Which method worked for you?


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