Workleisure, the Future of the Workplace

NOTE: I am not being paid for this article.

Working from home over the past couple of weeks has had its ups and downs. Ups, I get to roll out of bed in my pajamas and log onto my computer. Downs, I have been wearing pajamas or sweatpants all day everyday for the past two weeks. I look like a straight bum.

As the governor of Georgia recently declared the state was starting a “soft” re-opening for some businesses this Friday (April 24, 2020), several thoughts entered my mind. Are we truly ready to re-open the state? It doesn’t sound as though the Covid-19 cases have made a significant decline, but hey what do I know.

Then aside from my safety, a very vain and trivial thought appeared. I don’t think I’m quite ready to wear slacks or jeans again. I’ve become accustomed to the sweatpant/PJs attire. I actually think my efficiency and productivity has increased, all in part due to my new wardrobe of choice.

I began to google and stumbled upon workleisure. I’m not sure how long this term or style of clothing has been around, but it piqued my interest. To describe workleisure for those of you who were also unaware, imagine if yoga pants and slacks had a baby. It is the comfort of yoga pants with the stylish flair and professionalism of the work pant.

This is the solution to looking office ready without relinquishing the comfort of my newfound lifestyle.

Here are a few workleisure brands that are worth checking out.

Of Mercer

Photo credit Of Mercer

 Another exciting bonus, Of Mercer is giving 20% of proceeds to Citymeals on Wheels to offer meals to those in need.


Photo credit Carbon38

Imagine hitting up a happy hour or afterwork dinner with friends without having to change your clothes.   Carbon38, known for their athlesiure and workout gear announced they will soon be coming out with a workleisure line. A sneak peak was featured in


Photo credit Kit and Ace


Photo credit Lululemon

No more clasp or button digging into your stomach after a filling lunch. These pants have STRETCH!


Photo credit Gravitas

I remember going from working 9 hours, driving 2 hours to school with no air condition and rushing to class. These dresses would’ve been perfect back then!


Now as for shoes, Allbirds and Rothy’s have beautiful and comfy options. They are a little pricey so check out Skechers for a more affordable alternative without skimping on the design and comfort.

Photo credit

Who wants to also be stressed out about pinching or uncomfortable shoes.

The cost for the apparel mentioned, may be a little on the mid to high range but after looking at reviews, these brands offer comfort and durability which means they will last you for a while. These items would definitely be investment pieces.

So if you are like me and have gotten adjusted to the coziness that is loungewear, consider workleisure for your return into the professional world.


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